I was over the moon when my baby Ella stood up for the first time and she beamed with pride as she slowly made her way around the room. There was no turning back, and she was now upright for most of the day...standing was the new crawling!

She wore socks (the usual ones as well as the ones with the rubber dots on the soles) or soft-soled booties to protect her little feet, but kept slipping and sliding on our hardwood floors, the endless tumbles and tears leaving me very, very stressed. 

I desperately wanted a solution!

After a lengthy search, I finally found one in Swedish moccasin socks – a sock combined with a leather-soled slipper. They were non-slip and perfect.

Ella loved them the moment they were on her feet and would wear them every single day… at home, to the supermarket, at playgroup…in fact, she wore them more than any other pair of shoes from her ever expanding baby wardrobe!

As a parent, I swear by them and I hope you will too.




When other mums and dads started asking about Ella’s “cute footwear” and telling me what a great idea they were, my sister and I decided to create MokSoks – our very own brand of moccasin socks that are designed in Australia, made in Sweden and hopefully one day, worn by kids around the world!

We wanted MokSoks to mix functionality with fashion and fun, and we hope we’re on the road to achieving this with our very first collection of designs and colours.

May your little ones love their MokSoks as much as mine did…please send us your stories and pics! 



  • Boosts confidence of “L-Plate” walkers – leather soles prevent slipping and sliding
  • They stay on – double elastic around the ankles makes them perfect for masters of unauthorised sock removal aka the clever toddler…no more missing socks!
  • Encourages natural development of muscles – the leather soles enable free and natural foot movement
  • Protects little feet – durable leather soles provide greater support
  • Machine washable – just wash at 40°C and line dry…hooray!!
  • Ultimate indoor shoe – no more dirty shoes in the house...keep outside germs, outside 
  • Eco friendly – made of natural Oeko-Tex certified yarns