What are MokSoks?

MokSoks are moccasin socks…a unique combination of Swedish moccasin slipper and sock. These all-in-one slipper socks feature 100% leather non slip soles, which help prevent slipping and sliding and have double elastic around the ankle to ensure they stay on little feet securely. They are little people’s footwear for daily use.

Why should I buy MokSoks instead of normal socks or other baby slippers?

MokSoks are an all-in-one slipper sock. They feature 100% leather non slip soles to help prevent slipping and sliding and double elastic around the ankle to ensure they stay on little feet securely, making them perfect for “L-Plate” walkers and masters of unauthorised sock removal aka the clever toddler!

MokSoks are ideal for new walkers as the leather soles enable free and natural foot movement, which encourages the natural development of their muscles.

MokSoks are stylish and fun and are made with natural Oeko-Tex certified yarns, meaning they are free of harmful substances.

MokSoks are designed in Australia and made in Sweden.

MokSoks are machine washable at 40ºC…hooray!!

Can MokSoks be worn with socks or tights?

There’s no need to wear socks or tights with MokSoks as they keep feet protected and warm just fine on their own. Of course if little ones are wearing tights with their outfit then MokSoks can be worn too.

What are MokSoks made from?

MokSoks are made from natural Oeko-Tex certified yarn, which means the yarn is free of harmful substances. The sock is made of 85% Cotton, 10% Polyamide and 5% Lycra, and the sole is 100% leather which is hand stitched to the sock.

Where are MokSoks made?

MokSoks are made in Sweden (the leather soles are even hand stitched!) and designed in Australia by sisters Bel and Jess.

My baby has just started to walk, should I buy MokSoks?

MokSoks are perfect for “L-Plate” walkers! In fact, the idea for MokSoks came about when my baby Ella started walking and I noticed socks and soft-soled booties seemed to cause her lots of slipping and sliding.

Her endless tumbles left me very stressed so I decided to seek out a solution, and after a lengthy search finally found one in Swedish moccasin socks. Ella loved them from the word go and they really helped boost her confidence as she relentlessly practiced her new skill - the 100% leather non slip soles helped prevent her from slipping and sliding and the double elastic around the ankles meant they actually stayed on her little feet!

Another reason MokSoks are ideal for new walkers is that the leather soles enable free and natural foot movement, which encourages the natural development of their muscles.

Can MokSoks be worn outdoors?

We believe MokSoks are the ultimate indoor shoe, but they can be worn outdoors in dry conditions if you wish. Just bear in mind that due to the nature of the soft leather sole and combed cotton sock, outdoor use may cause greater wear and tear than when used indoors. Baby Ella wears her MokSoks every single day…at home, to the supermarket, at playgroup…and keeping them for indoor use means no more dirty shoes worn in the house!

Can I request a specific design?

Unfortunately we can’t offer custom designed MokSoks, but we will add to our collection seasonally so you and your little ones will always have a wide selection of styles to choose from. From time to time, you may even be able to vote on which designs we should add to our range so keep an eye out for the MokSoks elections!

I am not sure what size to buy - can you help?

As all babies and toddlers feet vary greatly in size, we suggest you refer to our Size Guide to ensure you purchase the most suitable fit.

Do you ship internationally?

We do! Please visit our Shipping page for pricing and further information regarding estimated delivery times. Please note: Our shipping prices do not include any customs duties or taxes that may be incurred in the destination country. The responsibility for any customs duties, foreign taxes or other fees that may be imposed will rest with the customer.

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